Should Grade 12 English be Mandatory for all University Programs?

The most sought out question high school students wonder is, “why is English mandatory throughout high school?” Students dislike the fact that English is a mandatory course throughout all the years of high school as it develops frustration and stress within a student’s personal

Student stressed out doing English homework

environment. Little do students know – is that reading the Shakespearean literature and novels truly let us obtain a wide variety of benefits we never thought we would have. Even though students venture into undergrads that do not focus on the study of literature itself, is it still important enough for it to be mandatory to get into all post secondary education programs?


Personally, I really dislike reading Shakespeare, poems and all of the rest of literary work we have to as I feel it is boring and exhausting. I used to believe that there was truly no reason that we read Shakespeare and his works but the fact that it was part of the curriculum. Little do us students realize that the reason we do read the literary works we are given because it improves our overall educational skills. Darla Himeles explains that our critical thinking improves, by analyzing literary works and discussing them as sometimes we need to read between the lines to decipher what is actually going on, which helps with other classes such as math (1). She also explains that our overall writing improves as well. The reason this is relevant is because we need to be capable of writing papers in numerous amounts of classes in university, so it is a must need.

critical thinking
Diagram of critical thinking in ones mind


A study from Stanford stated that students that are taught by a resourceful and good English teacher and excel in other subjects such as, math. (Parker 1). This goes to prove that learning English under a good teacher benefits us students in other classes, thus making it a must have for any post secondary program, as it will boost our chance of succeeding in the course.

Also, from personal experience I didn’t find reading Shakespeare out loud very useful – especially in grade 9 when I was very socially awkward with my peers. As the years have progressed I have become much more confident with reading Shakespeare’s work, and I have most definitely seen a larger change in the person that I have become as I’m not as socially awkward, or shy as I used to be. Now, I cannot contribute the fact of me not being shy just because reading Shakespeare made me more comfortable

Student reading aloud

around my peers, but it was most definitely a small stepping stone to reaching it.







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